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Classes Offered

- Enhancing Individual Performance-

Classes: Classes

1-2-1 Sessions

1-2-1 sessions offer the ultimate personalised experience. Whether you are looking to enhance your skills in a particular sport or looking for unique outdoor PT sessions, this programme provides you with the tools to flourish. All sessions are planned and tailored towards your particular goals, allowing you to unlock your maximum potential.

To ensure complete support, I am happy to join in with the sessions if requested.


Small Group Sessions

Small group sessions (2-6 people) provide a fun, exciting, and social way of training with your friends. These classes offer a more affordable option to private sessions yet still allow each individual to develop.

Group sessions are a perfect way to get back into training and get a 'sweat on' with your mates. T | M | C offers a wide range of equipment that enables each individual to train with suitable resistance, providing for all levels of experience.

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Bootcamp Sessions

The T | M | C Bootcamps offer a fun, friendly and social way of training. The workouts have a conditioning focus that aim to improve your strength and endurance. With a minimum of 10 people these sessions are a great way to socialise and meet new people. Bootcamps are a time-efficient way to maximise your energy expenditure, allowing you to increase your lean body mass.

Join the pump and get a sweat on with T | M | C team.

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Team Bonding Sessions

Team bonding sessions are perfect for pre-season training when you are introducing new players into the club. These sessions maintain a strength and conditioning focus and include lots of fun, enjoyable team games such as weighted noughts and crosses, weighted relays, tug of war etc.


Mobility Flow

This class offers a new and exciting approach to keep your body moving. Mobility sessions are perfect for recovery between games, de-stressing or to just get your body flowing like it should.


Whole Club Activities

Whole club activities are a great way to enhance performance in your chosen sport while doing a fun activity. This is perfect for keeping fit and intouch over summer, pre-season bonding as well as weekly sessions that bring the whole club together. The equipment caters for all abilities ranging from 8-year-olds up to professional athletes. We specialise in bootcamp style sessions, team bonding games and can even run mobility and stretching sessions to loosen everything up.


Online Coaching

With Online Coaching, every step of the process is completely tailored towards your goals. This programme will provide constant support along the way with weekly check-ins, feedback on performance and a focus on improvement. The plan gets updated every week to ensure progress is being made and to suit your weekly demands. Online coaching includes:

  • 25 minutes Zoom goal setting consultation to plan your development

  • Fully tailored programme designed around your goals, requirements, and available equipment

  • Weekly check-ins to motivate you and hold you accountable

  • Video support for exercises and to check your technique

  • Ongoing WhatsApp and email support

No week is the same. No change is too small. 

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