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Puresport was created to revolutionise health by providing trusted natural products with a key focus on pain relief, sleep quality, cognitive function and energy.

Puresport was born to break the ‘quick fix’ mentality, striving to help people invest in their long and short-term wellbeing, using natural products, movement & community connections as pillars of wellbeing.

Puresport creates the world’s most tested CBD, raising and setting the industry’s standards. Our world-first adaptogens are forward-thinking and have profound benefits for people from all walks of life.

Get in-touch with Tom for more information, product suggestions and discount codes. 




own it.

A sustainable vintage retailer championing sustainability, identity and community. 

Use code: 'TMAC15' for 15% off.



Bear Back Hard Seltzer

The ultimate alcoholic sparkling water.

Made with Gin base spirit and pure Scottish water, each can has only 85 kcals, as well as no artificial sweeteners, all natural flavours and 4% alcohol. 


Bear Back Hard Seltzer


The Black Swan Pub

The Black Swan is a student friendly pub just off the Cowley Road. Home to the OBURFC Socials, they sell the best Guinness in the city and are partial to a jug or two. During lockdown, the Black Swan renovated it's beer garden which now provides the perfect setting for drinks with your mates. Pop in for plenty of student deals and support an amazing local establishment.

11 Crown Street, Cowley, OX4 1QC

The Black Swan

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